Gen E Glossary


A Boost or Micro-Boost is an action you can take in your app to add extra dollars to your monthly micro-philanthropy total, therefore giving your Environmental Portfolio a boost. It’s a straightforward way to add impact during the month beyond your purchase-driven micro-philanthropy.

Cause Areas

Categories across the environmental spectrum which you can use to search and explore nonprofits and focus your funding.

clean energy
food systems
education and advocacy
climate change
land and forests
water and oceans
climate justice
wildlife and endangered species
climate justice
Climate Justice
scientific research
Science and Research


Shows you key data points monthly and over time so you never forget how awesome your contributions are for the planet. Plus, charts!

Environmental Portfolio

Your Environmental Portfolio (aka Portfolio) is built around the nonprofits you choose to fund, including Spot Impacts you support, and the Causes you’re focused on. You can track the impact of your Portfolio in your app.

Funding source

The credit or debit card used to pay for your philanthropy.

Gen E Climate Fund

This is our go-to fund to support high impact climate initiatives that need our help now. Gen E tries to make it simpler and easier to navigate and support the climate movement, and our Climate Fund is the no-brainer way to get started.


Lump sum donations from the Gen E Community. Our partner 501(c)(3) makes monthly grants to the nonprofits on our platform.

laws of nature

Your Laws of Nature define how much you’ll donate per purchase,  which nonprofits you want to support, and how you allocate funding. They are the parameters you set that guide your impact, and you can update them at any time right in the app. 


Your micro-philanthropy setting determines how much to give per purchase. Choose what works for you, whether it’s rounding up the change or giving up to 20% per purchase.

  • 1% of purchases
  • Custom percentage (up to 20% of purchases)
  • Round up the change to the nearest dollar

The Portfolio tab in Laws of Nature lists all the nonprofits on the platform.


You can choose how to allocate your funding to your Portfolio orgs in your Laws of Nature settings.


You’ll see this subtotal in your Portfolio Dashboard and it breaks out the philanthropy that will be charged in your automatic monthly payment. This total includes all your purchase-driven micro-philanthropy pledges, Spot Impacts, and any Boosts you add.


Micro-philanthropy simply means donating money in small increments. We use the term to refer to our service of automatically calculating your purchase-driven philanthropy.

For example, if you choose to donate 1% of your purchases, and you buy lunch for $10, then your micro-philanthropy tied to that purchase will be $0.10.


The term we use to refer to the sum of our third-party costs that help us facilitate micro-philanthropy from tracking to grantmaking.

Purchase Tracker

The credit card or bank account where you make the everyday purchases that are used to calculate your micro-philanthropy per purchase.


Spot Donations are donations you can make on the spot. You choose a lump sum amount to send to a specific organization, and off it goes. Spot Donations show up in your dashboard in your Total Monthly Philanthropy and they’re broken out under ‘Spot’. Since you send the donation immediately, they aren’t added to your monthly payment.

Spot Impacts

These represent quantifiable impact in how nonprofits can use funds to carry out their mission. You can proactively add Spot Impacts to your monthly Portfolio (ex: $1 plants 1 tree).