About Gen E

There’s No Place Like Earth

Gen E exists to create a world where humanity has a positive impact on the planet. We are addressing the climate, biodiversity, and plastics crises by providing an easy, impactful way to be part of the solution now. We use tech for good to help next-gen philanthropists fund critical environmental initiatives, drive incremental revenue for environmental nonprofits, and build a community that supports each other and the planet.

When it comes to individual climate action, there’s nothing more impactful and fulfilling than giving money to the environmental organizations making change at scale. So we built an app that automates micro-philanthropy for the planet based on your purchases, which we hope also raises awareness for the environmental impacts of our consumer behaviors. The social and economic forces driving consumption must change, and right now we can empower ourselves by pledging Climate Action With Every Transaction.

To solve inefficiencies in the current giving and philanthropic landscape, we’ve brought together innovative technology, insightful UX, and clean design in an easy-to-use app. With Gen E, you’ll have everything you need to manage (or set and forget) your environmental philanthropy in one place. Because that’s the way it should be.

The Gen E Community is about supporting the cause areas you’re passionate about and the orgs on the ground fighting for our future every day. We help correct a flawed system, which among other things requires nonprofits to expend valuable resources on fundraising just to keep the lights on. Instead, we help them focus on the important work they do best, like saving the planet from catastrophic demise. No big deal.

So why did we name ourselves Gen E? Because every person alive right now is part of Generation Environment. Like it or not, each one of us is by default responsible for the future of our shared home, Planet Earth. Previous and current generations got us here, but now it’s up to all of us to rise to the challenge and reverse global warming. It will be unprecedented and the fight of our lifetime. Only together can we succeed in literally saving the planet by accelerating the transformation to a decarbonized and regenerative economy. A climate-friendly world that equally values nature, wildlife, human life, health, and prosperity. Let’s go down in history as the generation that saved the frickin world. #WeAreAllGenE


We believe we should all be environmentalists
We believe in science
We believe in stepping up and taking action
We believe together we are a force of nature
We believe in respect and integrity
We believe in perpetual learning
We believe in challenging the status quo
We believe in equal human rights and the rights of nature
We know the future is climate-friendly
We are all Gen E


Hello, our name is Generation Environment, PBC. You can call us by our nickname, Gen E.

We’re organized as a Public Benefit Corp (aka PBC), with the stated purpose to drive awareness and support for environmental causes. This means we are legally required to consider the environmental impact of our business decisions. We did this to protect our mission since we see the Environment as our largest stakeholder (she’s even got a permanent seat on our Board), and we don’t want anyone or anything to get in the way of that, ever. The reasons we chose our mission-driven for-profit model is because it provides the most flexibility to reach our goals of significantly contributing to climate solutions and driving a cultural shift to environmentalism. This way we’re able to leverage the best available technology, execute strategic marketing plans, raise conscious capital, and build a sustainable business model – all concepts not typically open to nonprofits. All the while, we’re guided by our North Star, the Environment, with priority on fighting climate change.

Take that, Milton. (capitalism ah-burn!)


Gen E is redefining and democratizing philanthropy, allowing us to reach a greater number of people, resulting in a much larger impact than can be achieved through traditional ways of donating. To power our mission, we retain a portion of the aggregate donation volume to cover the operating costs necessary to facilitate our service, aka Philanthro-fees.

We prioritize working with like-minded business partners who share our values towards environmental and social impact. And when the day comes that we’re able to make a profit from new revenue sources, we’ll be giving 10% back to the planet via our platform orgs, right alongside you. Our Board member, The Environment, really knows how to get her way.