We’re all climate people & environmentalists

September 28, 2022

There’s no place like Earth

We’re all “climate people”. We’re all environmentalists. The fact that we all rely on the same environmental circumstances for a habitable planet makes it so. Our magnificent planet exists and sustains life thanks to the perfect composition of chemical elements and the perfect positioning within our galaxy. We are lucky to live in an atmosphere that provides pleasant temperatures and beautifully diverse terrain to explore and experience at our leisure. Take a moment to let that sink in. It’s downright miraculous to be alive right now in this place in space. 

Prioritizing the preservation of these ideal living conditions is not only in our collective best interests, it’s also in our best self interests for our own individual survival and happiness. We may not be able to control Earth’s glacial-interglacial cycles, but the last 150 years have proven humanity’s influence on speeding things up and ushering in less than ideal atmospheric conditions. And that’s just dumb.

For those of us who prefer the life-supporting, extraordinarily perfect conditions of modern Earth, it’s time to assume status as a climate person. 

It’s intrinsic ⚡️

Maybe the galactic angle is too high-level to be relatable to convince some people of the intrinsic nature and importance of our own environmentalism and preference for an ideal climate. 

So let’s try this for anyone unconvinced that they are both a climate person and an environmentalist. What do you like about being alive? Do you like the feeling of calm that fills you up after a deep inhale of fresh air? How about the simple pleasure of drinking water to quench your inevitable thirst? Have you ever stood among giant sequoias or looked out over the red rocks of Sedona, or visited any naturally epic location and experienced a “wow, nature is amazing” moment? Or maybe you just love escaping into your favorite weekend activity that brings you inner peace, like mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, or simply being outside. Everything we love about our lives is made possible by planet Earth. Even the man-made stuff, because the making of said stuff was born out of the finite natural elements found on this planet. 

Love it, Protect it

Whatever it is that you love about your life – that’s your reason to be a climate person and an environmentalist. It’s your reason to care about and stand up for clean and favorable conditions on Earth. Root for those things, fight for those things. Use your innate sense of agency that you exhibit elsewhere in your life and direct it towards protecting the conditions of the natural environment, because the fundamentals of this place are changing. Surely you feel it and see it. And you have as much say in how we treat this place as anyone else.

Don’t be swayed or deterred by the culturally-fabricated personas and stereotypes of what a climate person or an environmentalist looks, thinks, and acts like. Screw all that. You get to decide all of that because in fact, IT IS YOU. Claim these titles for yourself. You are the rightful owner of them. And then go show the world what a climate-concerned environmentalist really is, really does. We’ll be doing the same right alongside you.