Micro-Philanthropy 101: All You Need to Know

April 3, 2022

micro-philanthropy app

When we think of philanthropy–– big checks and fancy galas may come to mind. But contributing towards a philanthropic cause doesn’t have to mean donating millions of dollars. As younger generations become more involved in social and environmental causes, there has been an increase in smaller donations that are making a large impact––this is known as micro-philanthropy. 

As micro-philanthropy continues to grow in popularity, you may be wondering what exactly it is, and how to get involved. This more affordable and meaningful form of donating is a trend that we think is here to stay. Read on to discover the Gen E Guide to Micro-Philanthropy 101

What is Micro-Philanthropy? 

Micro-Philanthropy is a small donation of any amount, basically anything less than a fancy cup of coffee. This relatively new form of donating is radically disrupting the world of giving. This form of fundraising has taken a significant role over the past few years, with the rise of GoFundMe and ShareTheMeal––all proving that small donations can add up and truly make a difference. 

Recently, micro-philanthropy has greatly benefited from the growing power of technology. Better still, micro-philanthropy has opened the doors of donating for millennials and Gen-Z, with a grassroots movement towards regularly supporting causes they truly care about. In the face of climate change and environmental impact, now is the time to take action and share in our love of the natural environment. With the ability to access easy-to-use smartphone apps, the act of charitable giving has been simplified––meaning no excuses.   

How Does Micro-Philanthropy Affect My Favorite Nonprofits? 

Reaches a New, Younger Audience 

One of the largest benefits of micro-philanthropy is nonprofits’ ability to reach a new and younger audience. Before the creation of micro-philanthropy technology, nonprofits largely relied on the same group of people donating each and every year. Many of whom may need to rely on their wealth more in retirement and donate less over time. Now, nonprofits are able to introduce their cause to a younger, more involved generation who may not only be lifelong supporters, but also potential volunteers for the cause as well. At the end of the day, through micro-philanthropy the door has been opened to building a community that supports each other and the planet as an ongoing lifestyle choice.

Provides a More Sustainable Means of Giving 

In our current donation landscape, up to a third of total nonprofit giving happens in December. For a more sustainable donation future, the growth of micro-philanthropy would open the doors for more year round contributions that nonprofits can count on. Plus, it’s easier on the wallet for donors who want to contribute, but may only have a little bit of extra change to donate at the end of each month. Who doesn’t love supporting a cause, while barely noticing an impact on your budget? Instead of leaving the majority of contributions to the end of the year, micro-donations allow for supplemented income to all your favorite causes. 

Helps Diversify Income for Nonprofits 

While most nonprofits do still rely on a few larger donations each year, the addition of micro-philanthropy provides additional income to help offset any changing economic conditions (you know, like a worldwide pandemic). The majority of donors likely can’t contribute hundreds of thousands each year, but small amounts really do add up. And when done collectively and consistently, it reduces the risk of any precarious situations nonprofits may face. 

How Do I Get Started with Micro-Philanthropy? 

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits, you may be wondering how to get started with micro-philanthropy. Thankfully, the advancement in technology has made it incredibly easy to find an app or website to help you with your contribution efforts. There are peer-to-peer campaigns, humanitarian relief text donations, and the largest growing category––micro-philanthropy apps. 

Here at Gen E, we think anyone who wants to donate to save the planet should enjoy the basic benefits that come with establishing your own philanthropy fund (traditionally reserved only for high-net-worth individuals), like managing and tracking all your impact and activity in one place. Not anymore – we’ve democratized philanthropy to empower more people to become next-gen philanthropists. The Gen E app is the one-stop-shop for all your giving needs and wants, removing the friction from philanthropy.  

Ultimately, think of Gen E as the Acorns of micro-philanthropy. For every dollar you spend, you have the option to round-up and contribute towards your favorite causes. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with Gen E micro-philanthropy: 

  • Stand up for the planet in your everyday life by giving back to it – your way – every time you swipe your credit card. By focusing on what we can do, we contribute to real impact and real change towards a truly climate-friendly world.
  • You’ll get the feel-good benefits from donating regularly, which we think is much more satisfying than limiting those high vibes to the traditional once or twice a year.
  • You control who you donate to, when and how much. We’ve vetted and curated a list of high-impact nonprofits, so you just pick the orgs and environmental causes that inspire you most. 
  • All of your Gen E philanthropy from Micro to Spot Donations are fully tax-deductible. For your records, you’ll receive a donation tax receipt via email and also stored for you in the app.

Ready to get started and jump into the world of micro-philanthropy? Whether you want to take baby steps and contribute periodically towards protecting the planet, or you’re ready to commit towards regular monthly contributions––micro-philanthropy is the way to make a big difference. If everyone gives a little––our cumulative impact will be a lot. 🌎